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More about Trish

At first glance, Trish is a pretty unlikely candidate to be the brains and talent behind iDazz.

First, she graduated first in her college class as a mechanical engineer.  Not a field known to produce jewelry designers, do you think?

Second, she's a stay-at-home mother of three – giving up a promising sales career at IBM in the mid-90's to raise her children.

Finally, as CEO of the crazed Kozub household, there is not a minute to spare.  Caroline, age 21, is a senior at Villanova School of Business.  Michael, age 18, is a freshman at Loyola University in Maryland.  And Drew, age 14, keeps Trish on her toes playing, football, hockey and lacrosse.  Like most moms, there's barely enough time to think about the grocery shopping, let alone do it!

In the midst of her full-time commitment as a mom, Trish has found her inspiration to pursue her jewelry talents out of a passion for style and design in everyday living. 

Trish observes fashion & home décor color and style trends and uses a wide array of unique materials that captures them.  Much of Tricia's design time is spent choosing from among only the finest pearls, glass beads, sterling, gemstones, vintage goodies and crystal.   Then she lets her imagination go wild to capture the essence of what she's seeing and feeling.

Tricia's final design-acceptance formula is simple.  She creates what she likes and would wear herself. 

When Trish isn't thinking about jewelry she's an active member of her community.  Trish is active raising funds for many local charities, her most favorite: "Project Just Because", an organization committed to providing the basic necessities for needy families in Metro-west Boston.

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