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Humble Beginnings

Dazz's story begins in late 1999.  It was then that Tricia Kozub, iDazz™ Founder and Designer, learned that her husband was being asked to relocate from Hopkinton, Massachusetts to La Jolla, California.  

Reluctantly, Trish agreed go along with Mike's mid-life internet flyer, but only on the condition they not sell their home of almost 10 years.

Trish quickly adjusted to everyday sun and 70 degrees.  Between daily trips to the beach with her three young children, golf lessons at Torrey Pines, and frequent visits to LegoLand, Seaworld, and the San Diego Zoo, Trish managed to spend  increasing amounts of time in the local bead store.

When visiting family and friends asked where she bought the creations that were adorning her body, they were floored to learn Trish made them herself.  Soon Trish was giving away her creations as gifts.  And when they begged for more and offered to pay, what's a woman to do?

A short six months later the internet bubble burst and so did the Kozub's La Jolla "vacation".  Good thing they didn't sell that house!  Back home in Massachusetts, Trish found it near impossible to say no to requests for more "stuff". 

In early Fall 2000, Beadazzled was born– Trish's formal venture into the world of custom, handcrafted beaded jewelry.   With nothing more than her hands, Beadazzled grew by word of mouth and ever-increasing home parties all over greater Boston.

What better a combination!  Good friends, lots of wine, and custom-designed jewelry!  Soon, complete strangers from all over greater Boston were contacting Trish to request a home party.   Physically able to do no more than one home party per week, Trish knew something needed to change when she was booking 6 months in advance.  

As customers moved to other parts of the country, they brought Tricia's creations with them.  Beadazzled creations were moving to Tampa, Chicago, Cincinnati, Salt Lake, San Francisco and countless other communities.  People were calling Trish saying, "I want what 'she' has!"  How confusing!  And many were asking if they could host home parties. 

There was only one thing to do.  The internet!  The very thing that brought Trish to her passion for dazzling beaded creations could be the vehicle to keep up with the commotion her creations have stirred.

And iDazz™ was born!  iDazz™ captures the fun and excitement of a jewelry party without needing to book 6 months in advance.  If only we could figure out how to provide the wine!