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Select Testimonials

If you are a member of Facebook, head over to the iDazz Page to see what they're saying about iDazz.

Here are some select quotes we've collected over the years....

Trish, thanks for making all of us more beautiful! I can't wait to see what's new!!Carrie


Hey, thanks so much for the stunning bracelet! You do amazing work and I'll be sure to order from you more in the time for myself!



Hi Trish, We were in NYC this past week and I saw your earrings on a complete stranger. They looked great on her.




Trish.......Love your new pieces.... Can't believe it has been almost ten years!!



I've been in from the beginning! I love each and every piece and each and every phase of your jewelry design!



LOVE the jewelry - wear it ALL the time - and ALWAYS get complimented

Lori M


Your jewelry is beautiful! Congratulations on 10 years in business!! Awesome!

Adrienne C


Beautifully styled. I always get compliments on my iDazz!



I LOVE my iDazz jewelry! Thanks Trish!

Kathleen B


I have been a frequent customer of Trish Kozub and her IDAZZ jewelry designs for many years.  I continue to seek out every opportunity to view and purchase from IDAZZ and I am still as excited about the line as I was years ago.  The jewelry designs are always timely, unique, versatile, well made, affordable, and of utmost taste.  I have seen lots of jewelry in my shopping journeys but Trish's impeccable eye for style, color, and use of top quality materials is what sets the IDAZZ line apart from other jeweler's work.  In addition, Trish is absolutely a pleasure to work with.  She is professional, genuine, caring, and accommodating and Trish always has a smile on her face.  It is clear that she wants her customers to be satisfied and thrilled with any IDAZZ purchase.  I can't tell you how many times she has patiently and happily assisted me with my selections and adjusted the size or color to meet my needs.  Needless to say, I continue to thoroughly enjoy every IDAZZ purchase and shopping experience!


Susan S



I clipped a small magazine photo of a designer bracelet and brought it to Trish, asking her if she could design something for my September wedding.  Her creation was as eye-catching, one-of-a-kind five strand bracelet that truly put the finishing touch to both my dress and crystal and pearl veil. 


It sparkled at the ceremony, twinkled throughout the evening reception and glittered at Bellagio in Las Vegas on our honeymoon!


My "something new" will forever be treasured.


Christina R




iDazz jewelry is fun and unique; great for all occasions, and adds a perfect final touch!!!


Jocelyn B





Trish's work and the iDazz line are truly exceptional, from the classic pieces to the ornate. The design work, the beautiful beads and the precise attention to every detail make each and every piece quite unique. Truly one of a kind! 


Faith B